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I know the feeling. When yet another Napoleon/Waterloo movie came out in 1970 with a great cast, including Rod Stieger and Christopher Plummer,I had great hopes. Then they had to spoil it all by having the pipers attached to Highland regiments play pipe tunes that hadn't even been composed at the time. Some wrong trim on tunics, and incorrect button arrangements, which doesn't bother me, in an otherwise above-average war movie. Stieger played a great fat, dyspeptic, paranoid, worn-out Napoleon. and Plummer did an equally nice job portraying the aristocratic Irishman (usually mistaken as English, as he was a British Army general).

Most Israeli war-themed movies (aside from the older army comedy films!) have some great realism, as most of the actors will have served in the IDF, and may still be doing reserve duty. But how widely Hebrew language films, even with subtitles, are distributed abroad, I don't know. Our war films are never really about the fighting, and very different from US, British and other war films. Israeli war films tend toward the idea that war creates trauma, not heroes, and that victory can be as hard as defeat.

And I have noticed unmilitary haircuts in many Hollywood war films!

How do you all think of BLACK HAWK DOWN? In a way, I really hope to hear that it was NOT accurate, as it depicts a horrible waste of what were originally motivated, well-trained soldiers. I really hope it was pure Hollywood! But maybe the technical side was good?

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