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Originally Posted by noman View Post
In at least one comic and probably countless war movies the hero takes the pin out of an grenade to arm it by using his teeth....Busted myth see how did this get started?

Well a 1920's movie "The Big Parade" Shows the War hero arming a grenade just this way....probably more dramatic for the auidiance this way.....
Cataloging movie goofs involving the portrayal of the US military in Hollywood movies could be a full-time profession. I myself go absolutely bonkers when watching a film where the producers haven't cared enough to do their homework and instead allow a myriad of falsehoods to be swallowed by a gullible public who for the most part doesn't know any better. It's a subject no sane individual wants to get me started on and in fact just last week someone asked me yet once again to comment regarding the realism of a the motion picture A Few Good Men.
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