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Interesting description you found. Years ago we had a discussion on the site as to whether or not some of us were the lead role in the movie "Unforgiven". My only contrast was that I have the incredible blessing of having my redeeming beautiful bride to this day.

I could never explain my instinct for things military, I just know I had some incredible people who showed me what to do with those instincts.

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I had not noticed the Zatoichi admin title before lol....

"The principle recurring thematic formula of these films and the television series is that of the ever-wandering and sentimental drifter who protects the innocent and the helpless from oppressive or warring yakuza gangs, stops the worst of general injustice or predation and aids the misfortunate ... and often, just like any other, thru no real fault or choice of his own, he can get set upon by ruffians or will stumble into harm's way (and the ensuing drama that unfolds). Zatoichi's saga is essentially one of an earthy but basically good and wise man almost always humbly trying to do the decent thing and just help out, to somehow redeem himself and perhaps atone for past failings. Yet, he believes himself instead to be a stained, corrupted and evil man, irredeemable and undeserving of the love and respect that some show and rightly have for him." lol.....
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