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Hoping this will be good enough to get in Matkal, Egoz, or Sayeret Golani

I am making aliyah in 2 months to try and join one of the special forces units.

I work out 2/3 hours every day of the week even if I drink alcohol the night before (its my last semester in college).

-My work out starts with a 5-8 mile (8km-12km) all on an incline of 6.5%-7.5% to simulate going up a hill. That usually takes roughly an hour.

-Than I go to my UFC gym where I train in either Muay Thai (my main fighting style) or boxing. That usually last for an hour and its very regimental and aggressive.

-The last hour is spent either lifting weights (to strengthen myself) or actually fighting the ring with someone and either kicking the life out of someone or getting the life kicked out of me haha.

I have until July, when I plan on enlisting, to not only continue my conditioning but to increase its intensity and strengthen both my body and MIND. I am hoping this will be good enough to get in Matkal, Egoz, Sayeret Golani, or any other high intensity commando unit where I can do good for my people.

If any current or former commandos could give him tips on how to better suit my routine for passing both gibbush and the next 15-20 months of training please let me know. I understand its not all physical so if you have advise on the mental strengthening aspects than let me know as well.

If I get a gibbush...I wont quit no matter what they tell me. They would likely have to physically remove me.
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