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Dear Friend of Israel,

We know your heart is with us in Israel and we greatly appreciate your offer to volunteer for the Israel Defense Forces. Your expression of solidarity with the Jewish people and Israel means so much, especially at this time. Among the thousands of Machal volunteers who came to defend the new born State of Israel in 1948 there were many non-Jews. They made a tremendous and meaningful contribution during Israel's War of Independence, for which Israelis are very grateful and for which they will always be remembered.

Since then however, the policy has been to restrict service in the armed forces to citizens of Israel, Jews as well as Christians, Moslems, Druze and others, and to non-Israeli Jews so as to avoid placing at risk persons who do not have this connection to Israel. In addition, the maximum enlistment date limit is the 23rd birthday for men and the 20th for women. Unfortunately no exception can be made.

You have the opportunity, however, to take your place defending Israel on the ‘public relations front’. Today, wars and battles are often won or lost on TV screens, in the minds and hearts of good people. Therefore, public relations is no less important than planes and tanks. You could, for example, volunteer to be a PR Ambassador of and explain to others what it means for Israel to be the sole democracy in a region comprising 23 dictatorships (including 5 out of the world's 7 state sponsors of terrorism and about half of the world’s major terror groups). Of the 19 most repressive regimes in the world, 7 are in Arab states and Iran. Arab regimes and Iran are also a breeding ground for advocating Jihad (Holy War) against all non-Muslims (Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists and Jews included) and openly seek world domination and the ultimate destruction of freedom. The scourge of international terrorism and suicide bombings has reached far beyond the United States, Europe and Israel. The combination of these factors makes it more important than ever to be acquainted with the reality of the Middle East.

Finally, it should be stressed that these same Arab and Iranian dictators oppress their own citizens, threaten Israel and support global terrorism. The three hundred and sixty million oppressed people living in Arab states and Iran have a right to the same freedom and prosperity enjoyed by Europeans, Americans and Israelis.

We encourage you to fill out and submit the PR Ambassador Questionnaire and start supporting democratic Israel and the struggle against tyranny.

On Mahal2000’s website there are links to other popular volunteer programs in Israel.

Thanks again for your kind offer to serve in the IDF. Again, we greatly appreciate your desire to aid the State of Israel by serving in the IDF and hope we could help you to find other meaningful ways to channel your enthusiasm and good will.

Shalom from Jerusalem,


Mahal2000 – Overseas Volunteers for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

But Lech,

God knows how much we appreciate people like you.
You're the thing we, the Israelis, want to see the most, and the thing we see the less.

There're so many Israelis who choose not to serve in the IDF, inventing all kind of diseases so they will get out of this. So to see someone not from here, who isn't even Jewish, who wants to come here and fight with us, is indeed something I never seen before, wished for that, but this is definitly a first.

I'm sorry not to beeing able to assist in any way, if I could I would've, sadly there're no exeptions on this matter, and my job in the IDF is not such where I can make a difference on those matters.

God bless you.
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