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Default training

I do Tae Kwon Do and Kettlebells one compliments the other.
train with every type of weapon you can get your hands on. (Musashi) Tae Kwon Do was created for the unarmed to deal with an opponent who was armed. try to Practice the cuts until you think you can defeat empty hands. Know your weapons until you can strip and reassembe them in the dark.

Keep the sun at your back during the day. Know how to use night vision. Put a blanket under your muzzle so muzzle blast doesn't raise dust.

Learn to find water, and Learn traps and snares and direction finding techniques.

don't neglect the spiritual parts of karate. you must be able to empty your self as well as your hands for any type of combat.

Know everything you can about your enemy, and know that what he fears most he will try to use against you. Devlope a physically felt Chi.

Walking to running to walking (repeat to exhaustion) while carrying a rifle at the ready is best for conditioning. Never use carry handles.

When you drink, be aware of everything around you.
Remember that this is how Moshe picked his troops.

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