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Originally Posted by sharps_74 View Post
I hike with my gear (Rifle, pistol & a loaded pack). And I spend a lot of time on horseback. Riding a horse may not sound like a workout. However, if you go spend 3-4 hours on a horse, you'll know different. That being added to moving hay, sweetfeed & trimming hooves. Man what a workout!!!!
If you've got a lot of animals, moving that hay around can be a lot of work. My wife used to have almost 1000 head of shami goats, and the hay barn was stacked three stories high. Yea, and moving wheel barrows full of feed from silos through all those long barns was no small matter. I noticed that a lot of macho dudes who couldn't handle the full wheel barrows.

The American president Thomas Jefferson advocated horse-back riding for keeping up circulation in the elderly. I've only been on two all-day treks, but one was in English saddle. Took a few days to recover, not including the shin-kick by one of the Welsh ponies we were moving.
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