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Originally Posted by SpacemanSpiff View Post
I am pretty much on the same page as both of you, Paparock and Sanghi.

So, why is the "UFOs as Extraterrestrials" concept so dominant ? Well, for a long time, there was a tendency of the "nuts and bolts" UFO organizations (NICAP for example) to select only that information which buttressed their theories, and disregard other reports as being from nutcases.

One of the best early examples of a sighting that did not meet the expectations of the "nuts and bolts" crowd is the Eagle River case. I do not know where I first read about it, but it is documented in pages 157-158 of the previously mentioned Operation Trojan Horse, and pages 43-45 of Dimensions, Jacques Vallee, Ballantine, 1988. Note that this sighting was investigated by Project Blue Book.

(Emphasis mine, and quoted from:

I believe that somewhere along the line I have read that analysis showed the pancakes contained no salt, but cannot find the source of this at the moment.

Because humans want things in a package they can relate to or have a frame of reference to try to understand. Imagine the first Australian Aborigine that saw an airplane. If it circled around him, buzzed him rather low and then flew away how would he explain it to his fellow tribal members? Would they believe him? What if a small piece of the aircraft fell off and he found it so that he showed it to his people. How could they understand it or its purpose? When human society comes in contact with any form of science, event, or let’s say being they have no frame of reference with they tend to make up theories to explain what they see. Some of these theories may turn out to be correct but most turn out to be completly ludicrous such as the earth being the center of the universe. One can also see how humans can come to a totally wrong consensus and then violently react to anyone that even dares to openly explore any other answer. It has been said before science only progresses with the death of the scientists; meaning it takes a new generation of scientists to come to a new consensus. Society accepts a paradigm of thinking and not until something comes along that shatters that paradigm does it shift.

I talked to one of the ranch hands in the case where a horse was found that not one scavenger would touch. There were tracks around the dead horse but not one buzzard or coyote would touch the corpse. A necropsy was done on the horse that found only a small puncture at the base of its skull however its spinal cord and brain were missing. I would be interested in anyone that could duplicate all of the observed effects. By the way this was not Snippy the horse as this was in New Mexico not Colorado (
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