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Arrow Ahhh, Shanghi, you stuck upon the very answer to my question from my above post

Ahhh, Shanghi, you stuck upon the very answer to my question from my above post when you speak of the Elohim. I have talked to abductees that have been told that Christians and Jews are evil and will persecute the true believers (Lucifer’s). Interesting is it not? Another abducted individual was told repeatedly that the human race was a disease upon the earth and should be eradicated. Some people believe that “the aliens” are angels” from God and “must be obeyed” as one individual said. You can easily see a pattern of deception and manipulation forming here. I have been a member of a group connected to the HUFON (Houston UFO Network) for many years and have worked with a splinter research group connected with this subject since 1990s. The Implant removal project is one of their offshoot programs.

There is much much more going on than meets the eye. If you remember at one point the CIA once conducted a project with LSD on subjects without their knowledge or consent. Check it out on the net. Well this rabbit hole makes that look like a dimple. No, I am not saying the US Government is experimenting on people. What I am saying is that this whole subject is a lot more complex interrelated and serious than either the public knows or governments are willing to admit to; those that even know that much about the subject that is. Why don’t I or others like me just tell you all outright? Well for one thing we only know part of it and you wouldn’t believe us anyway. So if you do your homework like Shandhi did you can find the answers the same way we did because that is the only way you are going to be able to accept what you find as reality.
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