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Originally Posted by SpacemanSpiff View Post
I quit paying attention to the UFO business about the time Mack published. (And besides, you can't trust those Harvard guys. )

Anyway, I meant no disrespect by my previous post. I was just trying to suggest that a healthy dose of caution was appropriate.

PM me if you wish.

I take no offense what so ever! I used to ridicule people that said they saw UFO’s; I sure don’t expect anyone that has not, to accept it. I know I didn’t; I thought they were either drunk or high on drugs as I grew up in the 60s.

I whole hearted agree a healthy dose of caution is appropriate and then some! There have been some fine people ruined by this field of study. I don't like to talk about what I know for many reasons. Some are personal and some are due to my military security oath from my time in the US Army that I have been reminded I am still bound to.

Take all the following with a great deal of Skepticism

I know most people think crop circles are done by pranksters but have a look at some from 2010:

Coronial Mass Ejection (CME)


~ On 20th August 2008 I posted The Etchilhampton Cross and Two Colleagues in which I referred to the Barbury Castle Menorah of 31st May 1988. I want briefly to digress on the Menorah (1) because it contained an interesting numerical premonition of this year’s Jellyfish of 29th May which is the main topic. See pic (1)

~ The Menorah was a sacred lamp-stand in the Jerusalem Temple which maintained seven flames. It was not fabricated or assembled but was in fact beaten out of a huge single piece of gold. The equipment and tools necessary for tending the eternal lamps was also precisely specified and the adjacent form in the crop circle (2) is not, as some have suggested, a scarab beetle but is, in fact, a composite overlay of those three implements. The horns of the beetle are in fact the tongs necessary for handling wicks. See pic (2)

~ When the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70AD they took the Menorah to Rome where its ceremonial entry into the city is depicted on the Arch of Titus (3). The crop circle showed that the Menorah had rather delicate leg supports. Once positioned in the temple with its constantly burning lamps the supports would have been sufficient. The Menorah would never have been touched let alone moved. Its triumphal progress through Rome’s cobbled streets on the shoulders of soldiers would have been no easy enterprise and the heavy, Roman-style base illustrated on the arch was probably added to give stability. See pic (3)

~ The curiosity here is that the crop circle of 1988 accords more closely with the original specification of the Menorah than does the representation on the Arch of Titus. How could this be? Do the Crop Circle designers know something we do not?

~ End of digression. I hope one or two of you found it of interest!

~ My real concern here is the numerology the formation displays. You will recall that Four is the number of Material Reality, of the World, while Seven is the number of Spirit and Revelation. Both of these numbers have long been of great interest to me. Classically the Squaring of the Circle, the marriage between the Earth involves 4, the square and 1, God, the circle. It is only a tiny step to propose a reconciliation between the 4, Earth and 7, Spirit though it is not clear what geometric form 7 should take.

~ Is this perhaps another indication that the World is approaching a reconciliation with Spirit? We should also note here that four added to seven gives eleven, the first number of the Master Number Sequence which relates to contact with other dimensions.

~ In the Menorah, we have a horizontal line of seven circles and a vertical line of four circles. The circles of spirit are shown in lilac while the four of the world are shown in brown.

~ Apart from the numerological interest, what was immediately clear about the jellyfish formation see pic (4) was the breathtaking quality of its draughtsmanship. It was designed by a master illustrator. The two lines of circles, the four and the seven, were precisely formed as an orthogonal geometric “T” see pic (5) in the heart of the creature and yet the body and the tentacles were illustrated so confidently and loosely. Look at the tentacles. They appear to flow like water. See pics (4( & (5)

~ Most people, having viewed the jellyfish, would assume that the tentacles simply taper along their length but this is not the case. In fact there is a much more remarkable visual strategy to this design. The six outer tentacles have an upper section and a lower section. The upper section has a standard thickness and is consistent throughout its length while the lower section, which is about half as thick as the upper, is also consistent throughout its length. The transition from upper to lower, from thick to thin, is effected by a short tapering cone. The lower, thinner section terminates in another short tapering cone which curls at the end of three of the tentacles,.

~ Pic (6) shows the upper sections descending to the green line, the cone is between green and red, and the lower section joins the tip-cone at the white line. The central straight feature is a part of the geometric “T”. The sequence of seven diminishing circles forms another symbolic cone. It is connected at the top by a tiny length of the thicker tentacle and ends, like the others, with a consistently thinner section. See pic (6)

~ The jellyfish crop circle is one of the truly outstanding examples of crop circle inventiveness and artistry.

~ So what could an ancient religious symbol, looted from the Jerusalem Temple by the Romans nearly two thousand years ago, have in common with a jellyfish, a creature whose explosive population growth currently threatens hundreds of beaches? I have given this considerable thought and I am perplexed. The only synchronicity I find here is that they were both represented by crop circles, eleven years apart, both of which employed a T configuration of four circles and seven circles. I believe that this has never happened before.

~ Oh. I almost forgot! While playing with these diagrams I thought I should try putting seven with seven. I turned the jellyfish upside down and fit the tentacles onto the lamps of the Menorah pic (7). Other than the tentacles looking like trails of smoke from the lamps it has no significance! See pic (7)

O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

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