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I am very proud of India and their surgical strikes that were for the first time a real response to the terrorists Pakistan supports.

In India the stupid leftist congress party and other leftists are trying to cause doubt as to whether the strikes by India even took place in order to bash the Modi government.

This is an insult to the Indian armed forces who are a-political. The entire world has congratulated India on their response to the Uri attacks (not to mention countless violations by Pakistan of the cease fire agreement in Jammu and Kashmir, displacing and injuring scores of innocent civilians, causing refuges crisis within India) by Pakistani supported terrorists. When I say supported I mean trained and aided to entry India by Pakistani military forces, so when Pakistanis say they are the greatest victims of terrorists, its a damn lie, they breed them and work hand in hand with them.

Pakistan talks from both sides of their behind, excuse my language, but one hand they deny that India did the strikes and on the other they call for revenge attacks...they need to decide if the attacks took place or not!

They paraded in a Saddam style propaganda sham, journalists, including western reporters in the so called area of the strikes by India to show there were no strikes, but the journalists themselves could not attest if that was even the area or not!
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