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Originally Posted by air-on View Post
White, about the pretty yellow armour above: is this a kit, or did you build it from scratch?
I have been an airmodeller most of my life (I am 56), but I never did flying scale, mostly acrobatics and combat u-control (you know, circular flight controlled by cables). I do not have the health or the time or the stamina to do that anymore. Nonetheless I am not idling: I am currently building a small (15') sailing dinghy. I love to get wet on the blue waters of the Mediterranean in Bat Yam ("Daughter of the Sea"), Israel!
Your sensitivity on what to display is commendable. And Odie's first test fire has confirmed our expectations about him: a balanced, experienced, peace loving guy.
Way to go, boys!
Thanks air-on, I appreciate the words of confidence! I don't know about the balanced thing though!!

That might of been the sad end of the story. But Nemo refused to give in without a fight. Ignoring his serious head wound, the 85 pound dog threw himself at the Vietcong guerrillas who had opened fire. Nemo's ferocious attack brought Thorneburg the time he needed to call in backup forces.

Although severely wounded, Nemo crawled to his master and covered him with his body.
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