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A couple, but I beg that most are impoverished and ignorant. One cannot claim that all Muslims are evil. I've met many highly educated, moderate Muslims from place like Turkey, Jordan and Kurdistan that are solid folks.

You don't go blowing yourself up if you have something to live for and a good life expectation. Terrorism and radicalism go hand in hand with poverty, ignorance, political instability and lack of hope. Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, etc. These are underdeveloped and/or unstable regions. You don't see terrorist organizations springing up in the 1st world.

The world is not black and white and if you find yourself labeling entire groups as such you become no better than them.

A major key in fighting the propaganda war which is largely the goal of terrorism is to maintain the moral high ground.
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