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Thumbs up Soccer!

Haha, I actually recently discovered soccer this summer, and just love the sport better than any other sport I've mastered. (Basketball was replaced by swimming, and I still swim but also play soccer). Though swimming probably works out way more muscles (After a year on the team, I saw muscles I never knew existed), soccer is by far the most challenging sport I've played in my entire 16 years of existence. Talent, mental endurance, confidence, team-building are REALLY super-evident in soccer.

Since I got bored of performing tricks on my own, I decided to organize and set up a soccer game one Sunday. 14 people turned up, and we played for hours. Some were from the team at high school, and some were Israeli, and I actually played insanely well for the first time in a full game, thank G-d; confidence is really a major factor in getting what you want (I was sore the whole week afterward though!). This weekend, we got about 9 people, but 5 Russians (in their 20's/late teens) asked to join after watching us, and I agreed to let them in. These guys were able to play without a rest, without even drinking an ounce of water in the several water breaks I called. A true demonstration of mental power and agility.

As a recommendation to anybody my age or in their teens on this forum who's looking for a sport that will help them surpass any mental limits and will help increase overall fitness in a dramatic way, I'd definitely recommend soccer (and secondarily, swimming).

Any pros/ old army vets who can attest to the reality/truth my advice? And if anybody has an interesting anecdote or piece of advice about soccer, the game, tips etc., I'd love to hear!
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