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Originally Posted by Rimfire View Post
Hello all,
How do you stay motivated to run and keep in shape during the winter months? Espicially for those who are not fortunate enough to have an indoor heated gymnasium. It appears that physical fitness is the easiest thing to give up, or skip a day...and the next thing you know is that you have not performed cardiovascular exercise in three weeks. -any pointers?

-with respect,
Running in bad weather is the best thing..
You keep yourself warm with the fire of the mind ("you against the elements" / even sparring against God) and a bit of extra effort. Interval training works good in bad weather..
Really builds willpower, and once you get used to it (ignore being wet - you're not miserable, just wet and once the run is completed you're sheltered again) then running in the elements becomes something powerfull, beyond words.
Hail is a different story ofcourse ;) Dont overdo anything as my dad told me.
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