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With an Otto Preminger movie staring Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, and Peter Lawford, who needs the book! Just kidding. But that movie, and even the book, well, we were a lot meaner and badder than that, honestly. After the slaughter of civilian kibbutznikim surrendering after the Battle for the Etzion Bloc, with the British commanders watching nearby, we really lost our gentle demeaner. Not so clear in the book or the movie. Uris made us less savage that we really were as fighters, and more diplomatic that we wanted to be. Just look at the death of Folke Bernadotte. He ate from the barrel of a Schmeisser because he was negotiating to make Jerusalem Arab territory, although he was warming-up to making it a British-American protectorate it is said. Some of our friends don't know how rough we were, and can still be, especially over Jerusalem. Uris is a great read, but not an insider--but much closer to history than Michener.
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