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Originally Posted by janetnjohn View Post
yeh like someone will report it!! that's hanging on someone's wall by now
Wouldn't be surprised if it's hanging on the wall of someone's basement recreation room at this very moment!

Had to laugh at the media referring to an Apache gun ship (or attack helicopter for the uninitiated) as a "plane". In addition: this is nothing but a way to invent news. So what if the dumb thing is missing? The military has plenty of things such as this that are provided by company or battalion level S4 sections. These items are referred to as "training aids" or TA's and normally are clearly marked as such. However: I'm sure the average Islamic idiot wouldn't know the difference between a live missile and a prop one as they also don't know the difference between a real prophet of the Lord and a charlatan like Mohammad.

Just FYI: the most interesting TA that I ever worked with during my time was a solid wooden model of a coffin that we used for practice before a burial detail.
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