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Thank you, Paparock and Scelli,
These links are very helpful - and fun! I grew up under a military dictatorship in Brazil. There is a conscription there, but I was not drafted due to a "contingent excess" (a poor translation of the expression used).
Nonetheless, I remember standing on a cue to make my "oath to the flag" and be officially considered "reserve", looking at a small desk with a "Volunteers" sign and resisting my inner desire to go up there and sign up - the nature of the political regime prevented me from doing it, and I thank G-d for my resisting it.
Israel is a totally different thing, and now it is my son's turn to join the IDF - upcoming December 21. He got the highest score (97), and can pursuit whatever career he wants, if he chooses to. Boy, am I proud of him!

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