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There is a distorting "ego" that is planted in the enemies of Israel. A good military historian does not write to justify his country, but rather, he attempts to describe what actually happened. And we actually happened to win our wars.

A number of IDF operations in these wars are classics and have been taught in military academies like Sandhurst and West Point and Saint-Cyr.

There's nothing like knowing that the enemy is just over the ridge in front of you, and mom and dad and the wife and kids over the ridge behind you, to provide motivation.

What really comes out in Herzog's book is that the IDF developed. It was not born excellent. Mistakes were made in abundance, and from those mistakes the command learned abundantly. Not all officers were well-trained or experienced in 1948. Those who did well were quickly promoted, and became the back-bone of the IDF.

Herzog, Dublin-born rabbi's son, spent a number of years in the Hagana in the 1030s, and was a tank commander in British armour for most of the Second World War, and a major when he returned to Israel. Grunt infantry man; covert operations; armoured corps; intelligence corps; military attache overseas (US); military governor of East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria; ambassador to the US. And sometime-solicitor in one of Israel's largest law firms. All in all, one of the most well-rounded backgrounds for military historian. His works are all available in English.

The Herzog List:
  • Top intelligence,
  • Flexible planning,
  • Intense training, both general, and mission-specific,
  • Independence of ground commanders (but within orders and chain of command),
  • Coordination of forces,
  • Necessary equipment/resources used maximally and innovatively, including the ability to repair and return major equipment to battlefiled use rapidly.

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