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Originally Posted by David of Galilee View Post
May I recommend several of the late president of Israel's classics on the wars of Israel:

Herzog, Chaim; Mordecai Gichon (March 1997). Battles of the Bible. Pantheon. ISBN 1-85367-266-1.

Herzog, Chaim (12 December 1983). The Arab-Israeli Wars: War and Peace in the Middle East from the War of Independence through Lebanon. Vintage. ISBN 0-394-71746-5.

Herzog, Chaim (March 1998). The War of Atonement. Greenhill Books. ISBN 0-394-71746-5.

He was one of the builders of the IDF intelligence corps, and a senior general for many years. He personally knew most of the major characters of the modern wars, worked with many of them directly, and he knew the battlefields and operations intimately. His are an insider's look, and not some foreign historian who has to start from scratch with a lot of Hebrew documents. (Not that outsider's views aren't valuable, too. But most lack Hebrew, and our military documents are definitely mostly all in Hebrew, and IDF shorthand and jargon to boot.)

As an added plus, Herzog's books are well-written.

By all means David! These are just offered as media videos and we know how "accurate" the media is when it comes to Israel. They should be taken with a large grain of salt as to accuracy! I read the accounts written by men that were there over those of "journalists." One must not rely on single sources for relibility including me.

The number of Egyptians that come on this forum to this day still trying to claim Egypt won the Yum Kippur War against Israel never ceases to make me laugh at their lack of knowledge about the truth of what happened. Of course they willingly deceive themselves as they want to believe the lie just as the descendants of Ishmael to this day still want the birthright Isaac received from Abraham via G_d’s covenant. You can’t fix those who willing blind themselves through generations of hate, jealousy, and greed. I feel sorry for them but they create their own hell and must suffer the consequences of their actions! They have eyes but refuse to see, ears but refuse to hear, and minds but refuse to even consider the possibility of the Truth. That is why Isalm while calling Jews and Chrsitians people of the Book refuse to allow Muslims to read much less study their writings as they expose Islam for what it is. Jews and Christians can read and study Isalm freely to validate its teachings but Muslims are forbidden to do so. That is why, because in my experience Islam cannot stand up to critical scrutiny; especially when compared to Judaism or Christianity in their true base forms.
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