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I am so thrilled to see a man like Pat Buchanan, who says he trusts Iran more than Israel, defending the right of free speech. Never has one man hoisted himself by his own petard as many times for so little results at Pat Buchanan. Paddy we hardly knew ye'! (We'll have it out bogside away from the women and children.)

And who could not fail to be charmed by Phil's comments about Black Americans being happy and singing in the days of the Jim Crow laws, before civil rights! I am sure that some his best friends are African Americans--and they all agree with him. I know we Jews really got a lot out of the Nuremberg laws; gave us some order and discipline and kept our animal instincts for pinching wallets and dominating the wholesale cloth trade in check around respectable Aryan folk.

I tend to be turned off equally by all extremism, right or left, and very disgusted with centrist avoiders/equivocators.

But yes, let them all speak freely! Best to let a man hang himself by his own words, or not. A&E is a commercial entertainment company, and should have always known what a Christian like Phil thinks, through discussions and other interactions. And Christian fundamentalists must have known that a for-profit secular channel will always be politically correct. Silliness all around.

Let Phil speak as he will, but why should A&E be his pulpit? He is on a TV programme by contract. It is all business. Let him do what everyone else does: rant on the Net, or start an organisation.

Unfounded canards flying overhead! Duck!
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