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What is Obuma going to do?

North Korea..what is he going to do....War Or PEace?
Of course he's streched out miltiary so far around the globe....4 USAF Squadrons IN South Korea and about one Division of troops....that's less than the USAF forces in the Phillippines in 1941!!! Of course if he sends the bulf of our forces to South Korea that means we cant support Afghanstan; Iraqi, Syrian Rebels, Egypt, Jordan, other words Cheneys dream of a US Empire in the Middle East would be kaput.... Yess Korea is America’s TAR Baby…too few forces to defend the South Korea,,and too far from the US to have the time to send more….But HOW CAN THE US Do those things if we are streched out in EUROPE, The Middle East and Afghanastan..?

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