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Originally Posted by TheZohan View Post
You guys stared mentioning how Argentina is anti semitic for harboring Nazis, so it was only natural to question how anti semitic Britain is in comparison, and both nations are guilty of anti semitism to some degree.
We never disputed that, in fact we posted that ourself. But its not the main point of discussion in this thread.

Nor did I ever say Israel should totally burn it's bridges with Britain.
Again, Israel has nothing to do with Falklands. USA was mentioned because it a British military ally which is now leaning towards Argentina.

Looking at the bigger picture, my larger point here is that Israel needs to make new alliances, and if that means supporting Argentina at some point so be it. It's a matter of survival, I doubt we can expect Israel's current major allies to keep supporting it. That even goes for the US (as much as I hate to say it).
Fine, if you believe Israel supporting Argentina shifts the stragetic balance anyway, so be it. Neither Argentina nor Britain will be affected the slightest with regards to the scenario in Falkland Islands. Israel will of course manage to worsen relations with Britain though.

Just look at Turkey for example. That relationship hit the fan in less than a day.
I see. Since Argentina, Britain, USA, Israel and Turkey are now somehow involved in what started as a discussion on Britain's naval prowess in relation to Falklands, why not throw in some other issues as well and completely miss the point
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