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And Rafi, you can bet it is the role of Israel's sometime "secret ally" King Hussein and his meeting with Golda shortly before the war broke out that is being kept under wraps.

Of course many believe Hussein was a destabilizer who used his long-cultivated open lines to Israel to feed disinformation. Yet if that was the case I doubt Mr Hussein would have died king of his British-created artificial state originally called Transjordanian Palestine, and once promised to a future Jewish state. For all the heat and son of Amman, the little king spend most of his life slip-sliding unsurely on thin ice. That took a lot of skill, I'll grant. A lesser man would have collapsed early on in his reign. But Israel functioned as an ally to Hussein, if semi-secretly, and he definitely played some critical role in the War of Atonement. I, too, would love to know all the sequestered records, and the role of the monarch of the House of Hashem (what an ironic dynastic name!) of Mecca.
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