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Knaur 12-20-2012 01:27 AM

Another excellent West Point production
I'v regularly posted articles from CTC, WestPoint in past on the forum and read the postings of professors from there on other websites. Here is another excellent article regarding the lynchpin Haqqani (Hekamtyar comes in 2nd) Network, uncrowned rulers of Af-Pak area and second strongest army in the region after P.A.

I missed it earlier, but its a must for those have a genuine interest.

Standford and RUSI have done related excellent stuff.

Knaur 12-20-2012 01:29 AM

Pretty much, if you want to know Quetta Shura, the Af-Pak infiltrators and regional inter-dynamics and ethnosocietal norms, understanding these networks and tribal affiliations is a must, its a bit of a chore but worth it.

I had all these marked out on a map with names, key figures, just for fun, lost the damn file.

Knaur 12-20-2012 01:35 AM

Combating Terrorism Center: Haqqani Network Financing: The Evolution of an Industry


Its 77 pages, I am not posting it here.

Here is a brief review -

Combating Terrorism Center: Haqqani Network Financing: The Evolution of an Industry

Author: Gretchen Peters
July 2012

The Haqqani network, a semi-autonomous arm of the Taliban, is one of the deadliest factions of the latter group; and the most financially diverse and sophisticated as well.
The purpose of this report is to understand and outline the financial architecture that sustains the Haqqani faction of the Afghan insurgency. The Haqqani network (hereafter "the network" or "the Haqqanis") is widely recognized as a semi-autonomous component of the Taliban and as the deadliest and most globally focused faction of that latter group. What gets far less attention is the fact that the Haqqanis also appear to be the most sophisticated and diversified from a financial standpoint. This report will illustrate that the Haqqani business portfolio mirrors a mafia operation, and illustrate why an understanding of the illicit business side of the network is critical to enriching our understanding of the group. In addition to raising funds from ideologically likeminded donors, an activity the Haqqanis have engaged in since the 1980s, information collected for this report indicates that over the past three decades they have penetrated key business sectors, including import‐export, transport, real estate and construction in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arab Gulf and beyond. The Haqqanis employ violence and intimidation to extort legal firms and prominent community members, and engage in kidnap for ransom schemes. According to investigators, they protect and engage in the trafficking of narcotics and the precursor chemicals used to process heroin (although to a much lesser degree than other factions of the Afghan Taliban). The Haqqanis also appear to operate their own front companies, many of which appear to be directed at laundering illicit proceeds. The broad range of business activities in which the Haqqanis engage suggests that the pursuit of wealth and power may be just as important to network leaders as the Islamist and nationalistic ideals for which the Haqqanis claim to fight.

This report makes the case that, over three decades of war, the Haqqanis have evolved into an efficient, transnational jihadi industry, one which supports their war effort, and which is supported by it. There's no doubt that the Haqqani network needs to raise funds in order to support its war effort; it is also true that a continued war benefits the Haqqanis' current financial portfolio. The Haqqanis' capacity to raise funds from ideological supporters requires continued struggle, and their capacity to profit off key business activities, in particular extortion, kidnapping and smuggling, depends on a sustained state of insecurity and limited state influence. This suggests that network leaders could have a financial disincentive to ending the conflict through reconciliation.

:yup: There should be a disclaimer, thou shalt choose a side and know thy tribes before making inane comments on things you know sweet fanny adams about!

Knaur 12-20-2012 07:01 AM

Lack of a centralised strategy is a big issue, Gen. Petraeus will be missed here.

Look, ISAF SF is killing and capturing Haqqani regional commanders left, right and centre, whereas on the other hand they are being negotiated by with the same people.

The situation belies increduelity but so it goes.

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