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Syntac 09-16-2013 05:28 PM

Keyboard with Hebrew and Englisch letters
Iīm learning now how to write and read hebrew. Itīs starting out very good, only 4 letters left.

So I kinda tought it would be kinda practical to have a Hebrew-English keyboard, so I can write with my cousins in Israel, when I finally know how to write all the letters.

I tried it on the Asus website but I think itīs buggy. I clicked on the image of the keyboards but nothing happened, then I clicked on a mice and it worked. So try it yourself, maybe you have more luck.

If you know of any keyboard with Hebrew-English or can recommend one, I would be very thankful!

PS: I hope this is the right forum, if not, please switch me to the right one.

David of Galilee 09-16-2013 06:30 PM

Try typing in <Hebrew Keyboard> into Google, and look at the offerings for typing Hebrew without an actual Hebrew keyboard. If you don't have a Hebrew-Latin keyboard, using a virtual keyboard online might be the best route. Here in Israel all computers (and cell phones) are hard wired for Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic, so I am afraid I never really looked into the online virtual keyboards. Give it a try.

Amazon and others sell fairly cheap Hebrew/Latin keyboards. Just make sure the keyboard is Israeli standard, like the QWERTY keyboards in use for the Latin alphabet. As for programmes, DavkaWriter and Dagesh are established and well-know quality products. Google them and check out pricing, etc.

Windows is easily adaptable to Hebrew, because Word was partly developed here in Israel.

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